Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What makes a good garden fence ?

This is Sam Bourke again on this blog. Today, I am considering the topic of what makes a good garden fence. 

The primary function of a garden fence is to keep unwanted animals from feeding on the plants or vegetables that you grow in your garden. Traps, repellent and poison will only ward off animals whereas a garden fence will keep them out completely. The size and type of fence you install depends on the type of animals you want to keep away. A simple 2-foot high chicken-wire fence will discourage rabbits but you will need something more formidable to keep out foxes or rabbits.

Wooden or picket fences look the part but are costly to install and may not last forever. Wire or electric fencing is slightly more cost effective and effective in general but is by no means easy on your wallet either. A three foot high chicken-wire fence with a subterranean chicken-wire barrier will keep out small to medium sized animals and burrowers. It comes in a variety of widths and sizes and can be bought in rolls up to 50 foot rolls.

Before you do any of this, you first need to identify the animal pests that bother you. A plastic mesh fence will deter deer if and some smaller creatures whereas rabbits will gnaw through this in a matter of moments. Rabbits need something they can’t gnaw through such as a metal chicken-wire mesh fence. You must take all these factors into account in order to get the best garden fence to suit your needs.

As well as keeping other animals out, other functions of a garden fence are to keep pets in. You do not want your beloved dog to go wandering around the neighbourhood with a chance of getting run over. The same goes for children. They always have the potential for wandering off, and putting themselves in all kinds of danger especially since most kids have little sense of road safety. A garden fence can be an effective way to keep children and animals in the garden.

Chainlink mesh would be the perfect solution to all these problems. It can be galvanized and coated in green plastic so it is not an eyesore. It blends in perfectly with your garden while at the same time excluding pests and stray animals. Chainlink will last a long time if it’s treated properly. Rabbits will not be able to gnaw through it and other pests or stray animals will also be deterred from entering your property.

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