Wednesday, 6 November 2013

SECURITY FENCING – how fencing can help secure your premises.

Fencing is an essential part of securing your property. It can deter burglars of any kind if it is the right type of fence. Fencing can be very difficult to climb and may even have barbed wire on the top to prevent intruders to a further extent. It is generally the first obstacle in the path of a burglar and is crucial in preventing intrusion.

There are many different types of fencing capable of deterring intruders. One of the most common types of fencing is Chainlink fencing. Chainlink fencing is low on cost and maintenance while also very durable. It is not great for privacy but it is functional in many other ways. The wire used in the fence is usually galvanised and then coated in green plastic to protect it further, making it a very durable and easy to install option for security. Chainlink fences are exceptionally difficult for intruders to climb as they have nowhere to place their feet while climbing. In this case, the taller the fence, the better. From an industrial point of view, a barbed wire top added to the fence would deter intruders even more and would be a better option compared to plain Chainlink fencing.

Another common type of fence is Welded mesh panels (V-Mesh). This consists of panels of welded mesh attached to poles at regular intervals. Again, it is very durable as it usually comes galvanized and coated in green plastic. It is also very hard to climb so intruders would be discouraged from the get-go. It has a very pleasing appearance, and would be suitable for a residential area from an aesthetical point of view, while still being very effective. From an industrial perspective, it is quite practical and can be installed with ease. If you want extra protection, razor barbed wire on top and long lasting anti-climb paint would help to deter potential burglars from entering your property.

A third type of fence commonly used to protect property is Palisade fencing. This consists of corrugated strips of galvanized steel with a sharp, triple pointed top. This would definitely not be suitable for a residence from an aesthetic perspective as it is not subtle and draws the eye. It is however, very practical. It is relatively hard to climb, and the spikes at the top would deter potential intruders from climbing fully over the fence. It is definitely more suited to an industry. It would fit right in, in an industrial estate and looks the part. It definitely discourages burglars. It is the most durable of the three fences as it consists of the thickest metal and is galvanized and can come coated in green plastic.

Again, fences have an important part to play in deterring intruders and will give you peace of mind about the security of your business or home. They also make a statement about you, and are a very visible element of your property. 

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