Saturday, 9 November 2013

Industrial Security Gates

Gates are an essential part of security in industrial areas. Gates provide a practical and secure way for you and your staff to enter and exit the workplace, and for customers and other visitors to come and go. Sometimes, its necessary to control where staff and visitors walk/drive, perhaps due to traffic or operational issues, such as forklifts loading and unloading lorries. You don’t want staff or customers in the way. Gates can allow you to control access to the areas you need controlled. Gates also provide an ideal emergency escape route in the event of a fire or any other emergencies

There is a broad range of gates on the market, which can be installed simultaneously with your security fence.

One of the most popular varieties of gate is a sliding gate. This consists of one or two movable gates which slide together and meet in the middle of the gateway so it can be secured with a lock. They can slide on a track in the road, or they can be set up as a cantilever system, with the track built into the gate. Sliding gates can come in a wide range of styles including chainlink, palisade, v-mesh, and steel panelling all of which can be galvanized or coated in green plastic for extra durability.

Another type of gate is a double leaf swing gate. This consists of two swinging panels of gate that meet in the centre of the gap between the gateposts. Again the materials in used in the gate may be Chainlink, palisade or v-mesh, which can be galvanized or coated in plastic. This gate must be secured in the middle with a lock. The downside of this is that the point in the centre of the two gate panels is structurally weak as the two gates swing in and out. This is usually overcome by having a drop bolt on the bottom of each gate.

The last style of gate is a single leaf gate. This comprises of a single gate panel, which hangs off of a hanging post and swings to meet a receiving post. This gate is secured using a lock at the point where the gate meets the receiving post. This is the most common type of gate for a residential area but is also not unusual to see in an industrial estate. This is because this form of gate is generally used in smaller sizes due to its instability, making it more practical to utilize as a pedestrian gate. It is possible to have this gate in different materials including Chainlink, v-mesh and palisade.

The gates may be automated or manual. There are many types of motor and operators for automatic gates, (hydraulic arms, underground motors, chain systems etc) and many types of controls, (radio-control, proximity tag, keypad, mobile phone, intercom etc). These can be connected to your existing building security system, and to your CCTV system, and fire alarm, if necessary.

Gates make a statement about you and your property. They are the first thing any visitor will see when they come. They can enhance appearance and value, control access, and above all create an impression about you and your business, which is always something which you need to consider carefully.


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