Thursday, 7 November 2013

More about home security......

Security in a home is essential. Many homes do not have proper security and therefore have had or are at risk of having burglaries. While some recent analysis shows that the number of burglaries has decreased, it is still important to secure your home properly as your home may still be at risk.

Alarms are basic equipment in home security. Many alarm companies will install their alarms free of charge or for a small fee, though they will charge an ongoing fee for monitoring. Although alarms may be generally reliable, some burglars may find a way around them. In recent years, new technology has been invented to get around even the most high tech alarms. So, you may think that having an alarm is enough but in reality, it is not.

Some people think that trees and shrubbery will also deter burglars when really all they offer is a hiding space to aid them in their escape. However, thorn bushes have been shown to discourage burglars as they do not want to get scratched.

One of the most reliable ways to secure your home is with fencing. Fencing can be installed quickly and it can be very affordable. They give you a sense of security in your house, while at the same time actually preventing burglars from entering your home.

A common type of fencing is Chainlink fencing. It is very practical and also easily installed. It is sturdy enough to withstand burglars trying to break it down and can also be improved even further with the addition of razor barbed wire along the top, or, anti climb paint put on the top half of the fence (this will also prevent small children from getting covered in the stuff).

The more secure your house looks, the less chance there is of a burglar trying to break in. If a burglar sees that you have fencing and an alarm system along with some thorn bushes, they will almost always go for a property that looks easier to enter. Motion detector flood lights along with a secure gate at the front will have an immediate impact on the mindset of the burglar, discouraging them from entering the property.

Remember, the more secure your house looks, the better. A fence, thorn bushes, floodlights and alarms will all help to improve your home security.

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