Monday, 4 November 2013

My first day of Work Experience at Capital Fencing

My name is Sam Bourke. I am a transition year student in Confey College, Leixlip. I am currently on work experience in Capital Fencing in Crumlin, Dublin 12. I am creating this blog to record my experiences while on work experience here in Capital Fencing.

This morning, I got a tour of the factory and was shown all the raw materials and machinery. In the factory, there are chainlink manufacturing machines, into which are fed galvanized wire or plastic coated wire. These machines then weave them into chainlink of various widths and cut them to various lengths. These are then rolled into either ‘fat’ (non – compact) rolls or more compacted rolls. These are then stored on palettes at the back of the premises until they are ready to be shipped to the client.

There are also welding stations in the building where fence posts and gate posts are welded together from either raw or galvanized steel.

I met various people around the factory and the office, including Peter, who showed me around, Joe, the Managing Director, Una who manages the accounts, and Tom the sales manager.

I worked on a stock control project, tagging gates and other items of stock.

I was also set to work on building an ‘Ad Words’ campaign on Google. This involves learning a good amount of information in order to become a certified in creating Ad Words. An Ad Word is an advertisement involving key words on Google. For example, if someone searches for flowers in Dublin, a person at a company such as Dublin Flowers would create an advertisement involving the key words ‘flowers’ and ‘Dublin’. This ad would then show up on the Google search results page.

Over the course of the week, I hope to learn more about the company, and get involved in more projects, and I will update the blog.

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